Stage Tipping Centrifuge STC-V2

Stage Tipping Centrifuge STC-V2

Stage tipping is a sample preparation method developed at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Department of Proteomics and Signal Transduction, Munich - Germany.
It provides a robust method to perform washing, desalting and/or pre-fractionation of the resulting peptide mixtures. To this end the stage tips are loaded with C18, C8, Cation exchange or Anion exchange binding material. Samples are then loaded onto the tip and can be treated with any solvent. The method is very cost effective and does not introduce extra contaminants to the sample (like polymers) as it uses off-the-shelf pipette stage tips.
The modified mini centrifuge provides a solid platform for fitting a maximum of 12 stage-tips and elution of the sample and buffers over the used binding material. With its maximum speed of 6200 RPM, 200µl of buffer can be eluted from the stage tip within 2 minutes.
Video tutorials about stage tipping can be viewed at:






Technical data:

Supply voltage: 5V or 4 x 1,5V AA
Power: 8W
Weight: 710g
Approx. dimensions: 180x180x120mm (WxDxH)
Speed: 6200 RPM


Manual STC-V2