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Accessories for Sonation Noise Reduction Boxes for roughing pumps and water chillers

 Active Pump Protection System APPS

APPS stands for Active Pump Protection System. All noise reduction boxes of the SSH series and all tables of the LGT-QE series are available and can be retrofitted with APPS. The system monitors all important operating data like the temperature inside the noise reduction box, the current drawn by the vacuum pump, the function and speed of the cooling fans and many more.

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External display for APPS-Systems

 The display can be connected to all APPS-Systems. All data that is monitored by the APPS-System is clearly represented on the screen.

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Oil tray

A stainless steel oil tray on wheels. It collects the small amounts of oil most pumps lose during operation. Also it makes the pump mobile what is very useful for service purposes.

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Oil Leak Sensor

 If a vacuum pump loses to much oil a pump failure is very likely. The oil-leak-sensor in combination with an APPS-module continuously monitors if oil is leaking into the oil tray. If a leak is detected, an optical and accoustical alert shows up.


Oil Change Kit

The Sonation oil change kit is available for easy and clean changing of oil. Merely a single movement of your hand is required to drain the entire amount of oil into the supplied shallow oil tray. That way, each oil change becomes a clean and simple matter.

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Flange kits

For some sound insulation boxes it is useful to extend the pump connections for the vacuum and/or waste gas connection. thus enabling the connection of directly attached constructions such as oil mist filters or similar outside the sound insulation box. For this purpose we offer flange kits in various sizes and lengths.

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Additional dampening and ventilation kitVentilation kit

It is often a problem to keep the lab temperature low because the roughing pumps produce a big amount of heat. This kit allows you to connect the noise reduction box to your lab ventilation system. It also provides additional noise dampening.